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Hasten OWB
  • Hasten OWB

    The Hasten OWB is our "Quick On/Quick Off" Outside the Waistband solution.


    Utilizing Speed Ease Clips, you can easily don or doff your holster without having to remove your belt. This non belt-weave attachment quickly mounts to your belt securely using clutches that hook underneith for a solid hold.


    Speed Ease Clips are available for 1.5" and 1.75" belts.


    Hasten OWB's are a two piece design so you can change the color of the inside half of the holster, just put the contrasting color in the Special Instructions field!


    Do you have a weapon light? Add light bearing to your holster here.


    Don't see your particular light listed? No worries, contact us and we'll give you a mailing address to send us your light. Your light will be returned with your completed order.


    Don't see your pistol listed? Drop us a line, we can probably get you sorted.

    • Lead Time

      Average lead time is approximately 12 weeks.

      Sometimes longer.

      Sometimes sooner.

      Be patient, I assure you it's worth it.