Your website says lead time on most orders is 8 weeks, if I wait 8 weeks to place my order will I get it the same day?

No, with lead times averaging 8 weeks, if you wait 8 weeks to place your order it will actually arrive last week.

I can't find my particular model, or desired color or camo on your website, am I just out of luck?

Nope. Shoot us an email or DM @RedBalloonInd on Twitter and we'll try and get you sorted. Go ahead and follow our Twitter account for updates, new products and sale announcements...and memes.

What do I do if I have a question or problem with my Red Balloon Industries holster?

Contact us, we can't help you with your problem if we don't know about it.

Seriously, how are you so handsome?

Good genes, a healthy diet...haha, just kidding. I just am. Is what it is.

How did you grow your beard that long?

I uhh...I just didn't trim it for a while.