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Cloak and Dagger IWB/AIWB (Camo)
  • Cloak and Dagger IWB/AIWB (Camo)

    Not only is the Cloak and Dagger IWB/AIWB our quickest on/off CCW solution, it's also the one our vaunted leader (me) carries with daily.



    The Cloak and Dagger IWB uses a Monoblock clip, this design allows for a very secure carry on your belt. Utilizing spring steel, the Monoblock clip has two tabs with integrated clutches to prevent it from coming detached from your belt. 

    (also works great without a belt!)


    The Cloak and Dagger works well with single stacks, compacts and even fullsize handguns.


    • Lead Time

      Average lead time is approximately 12 weeks.

      Sometimes longer.

      Sometimes sooner.

      Be patient, I assure you it's worth it.


    Do you have a weapon light? Add light bearing to your holster here.


    Don't see your weapon light listed? Contact us and we'll give you a shipping address, send us your light and we'll return it with your completed order.


    Don't see your pistol listed? Contact us, we can probably get you sorted.